Friday, October 20, 2006

After a long Yom-Tov I want to share with you all my experience in the Chassidishe world that I had..I was in Boro Park the first days and in Williamsburgh for the second days, wherever I was I saw and observed the same situations.Most and I specify most which is probably around 90 percent of Chassidishe Bucherim and Yingerleit do not take care of their bodies and they are oiver on the lav of'Bal Tishaktze 'at all times.The smell was so overpowering that it was immpossible to stand next to them, you would think that on Yom-Tov they would come to Shil dressed well and smelling good, well it was just the opposite,they did not use soap and shampoo when they bathed on Erev Yom Tov and of course did not use underarm deoderont. There was just a handful of Bucherim and Yingerleit that were well dressed and smelled good.What is going on here?Come on is this what Chassidis is all about?I know that it is not.I learn Chassidishe Seforim all the time and it says in all Seforim that you have to be well dressed and good smelling for Kvod Habries.On the second day of Yom-Tov as I went to the Mikva before Davening I saw the most horrible and neausating site, the smelly slobby chassidim went to the mikva and were scratching and rubbing their smelly underarms and other body parts in the water which looked like coffee soup I was so neauseated that I got dressed with out going into the Mikvah, was horrible, the smell was disgusting, I went up to Shil and I saw that the few good smelling and well dressed ones were freshly dressed and good smelling and I figured that they were not in the Mikva today, it was a Naches to stand next to them,they were the ones that made a Kiddush Hashem..their Payos and beards were not oily and smelly ..Wow..what is going on here?Where is the Kovod Habreis?I also noticed another two horrible features that most Chassidim have, they do not take care of their teeth..not when they are young and not later on in life, you can see them with crooked teeth, big spaces between thier front teeth that a car can drive thru.why dont they put on braces the make their teeth nice? is it againsnt the Halacha to have nice teeth?and of course they never ever brush thier teeth so that they allways have horrible yellow teeth with horrible smelling bad this also against the Halacha?also I noticed that the horrible smelly pot-belly chassidim do not trim their mustaches.when they come to Shil and start talking you can see and smell everything that they ate that day..Is this also against the Halacha?No..No..a thosand times No..The halacha and according to Chassidis you have to dress neatly, you have to look put together, you have to smell good, you have to use underarm deoderont, you have to have nice teeth, you have to trim your mustache..yes, you have to do all these things in order to make a kiddush Hashem..I was proud to see the handfull of Bucherim and yingerleit that do dress well, that do take care of their bodies, that do have nice teeth, that do use underarm deoderant, that do trim their mustaches, that do have good breath at all times..
It is a New Year now, let us start spreading the word and going around to tell all the out of shape, smelly chassidim that it is time to change, just like you take care of your eyes by putting on glasses, take care of your teeth by fixing them if needed and brushing them every day, it is also a part of your body..Start going to the Gym and start working out so that you should be in good shape, start dressing nicely by wearing nice starched shirts and changing them every day and start using underarm deoderont at all times.If there is anyone out there that is interested to have a beautiful Klall Yisroel then start spreading the word by talking to the Chassidshe people..WE WILL SUCCEED WITH THE HELP OF HASHEM AND WITH THE WORK AND EFFORT OF ALL....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ah Gitten Moed,
I will give you a complete report of my Yom Tov Experiences in the Chassidshe Shuls after Yom Tvo, but I want to give you in short detail from the first days.I was in Boro Park, I was going around to all the Big Succahs including both Bobovs, Satmar, Krasne, Vishnits, Kossov..Wherever I went it was the same story, Most, I would say 90 percent of them were not what real Chassidim should be like,they all were not in shape, not neatly dressed and mainly smelled terrible from underarm odor, I will not go into full detais now, I will leave that for after YomTov..But please all Chassidim please make a kiddush Hashem and please look like the 10 percent which I saw that were well dressed, good smelling and well built .Please spray underarm deoderant, it is allowed according to Halacha even Yomtov, and yes, you can go to the gym on Chol Hamoed..Please make a Kiddush Hashem..

Friday, October 06, 2006

Ah Gitten Erev Yom Tov To All Chassidishe Yidden,
We see that there are Chassidim that are interested in my blog, I hope it will help spread the word around in the Chadishe Circles. Again , we want a better, nicer Klall Yisroel. The Chasidishe myth that you are Chasidish if you are overweight, not in shape, dress like a slob, smell like rotten fish beacuse you do not use underarm deoderant is over.Go to all big Chasidhe Shuls in Boro Park, Williamsburgh, Monsey, Monroe and even New Square and you will see more and more Chasideshe Bucherim and Yingerleit that are making a real big Kiddush Hashem.The days are over when you could not find a well dressed ,well built ,good smelling Bucher or Yingerman in these places.Go and see for yourselves what I mean. The Kosher(and you should only go to Kosher)Gyms are full of Chasidim nowdays, they work out and have well built bodies to show for it, they are dressing with clean spotless clothes(Bekishes and Long Suits)they are using good smelling underarm deoderant and smell good.We will get the word out that you can be Chasidish, dress Chasidish and still be well dressed, well built and good smelling and you do not have to be a rotten smelly overweight slob, the world will see that we are out to make a great Kiddush Hashem.I appreciate any comments on this subject.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shmekidike People

This blog is especcially geared to let all Chasidic people know that it is important to look good and smell good by dressing neatly bathing daily and using underarm deoderant every day...